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In a collaborative roleplay setting, conflict is required to push a narrative between characters. Whether this conflict is as simple as an on-the-go robbery, or the assassination of a loved one, its important that certain guidelines are followed for the overall narrative to flow as smoothly as possible.


Character Kill (CK): To kill another character, the murderer must have "CK auths." Request CK auths through a Management-Only ticket, providing your reasoning. If approved, mutual CK auths will be documented by Management.

Declaration of CK auths: Those with CK authorization must state it at the start of the Initiative order using the format: "/dolong [YOUR CHARACTER] and [THEIR CHARACTER] have two-way CK authorizations."


In accordance with our Severe Wound Counter system, Character Kills can be enacted one of two ways.


1. You apply the character you wish to CK's third and final Severe Wound. Open a ticket to show staff that the SW has been applied, and they will inform the player if it is their last SW or not.
2. You coordinate with the player of the character you wish to CK to determine if the next PvP encounter will end in a CK.

Reciprocal CK auths: Once CK auths are declared, the attacking party in combat is also subject to CK auths. For example, if John Roleplay has CK auths on Ken Tucky and brings Jane Roleplay to help, Ken Tucky can also kill Jane Roleplay.

Management typically grants or denies CK auths within 24 hours of the request.

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