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In a collaborative roleplay setting, conflict is required to push a narrative between characters. Whether this conflict is as simple as an on-the-go robbery, or the assassination of a loved one, its important that certain guidelines are followed for the overall narrative to flow as smoothly as possible.

Outlined here are our "Tiers of Conflict" to help guide your narratives.


Prison escape follows our theft rules. To attempt an escape, open a ticket and have an admin oversee it while someone is online in the safehouse, faction, or Player Hub.

If there is insufficient RP for three consecutive OOC days, the imprisoned may open a ticket to escape even if no one is online.
To imprison someone, open a [NEED HELP?] ticket in #🩹ticket-central, outlining your intentions and the living conditions for the imprisoned character. Staff will monitor and provide appropriate assistance for escape attempts. To extend the imprisonment beyond 3 OOC days, the player must have CK auths to kill or sunset the character.

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