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Our Game Admins are tasked with keeping our server a safe and fun place to be. The following are our rules to interact on our server;

If you see anyone breaking the following rules, please open a [NEED HELP?] ticket.


We prioritize inclusivity and strive to create a welcoming community for all. The use of offensive language IC (in-character) will result in administrative punishment.

Portraying racial caricatures, intentional or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. Players are expected to approach roleplaying with cultural sensitivity and thorough research.



Do not use information learned OOC in an IC setting. Examples of invalid communication that cannot be taken IC include conversation over VC, Discord, and IG /looc. IC-radio channels within our server are exempt from this rule aside from Raids, where their usage is explicitly disallowed.



Powergaming, which involves imposing unrealistic roleplay resolutions without allowing meaningful reactions from other players, is not allowed.



Players can have two characters, a "main" and an "alt," on separate accounts. To request an alt, open a [NEED HELP?] ticket.

Alt interactions are limited by the following guidelines;

  • Alt characters must not be related to or discuss intimate details with your main character.

  • Alt characters cannot be part of the same or affiliated Player Group as your main character.

  • Alt characters are prohibited from engaging in theft or raid actions within their own safehouse or Player Group, or any conflicts involving their main character, and vice versa.

  • Alt characters cannot coordinate with their characters in another Player Group.

  • Alt characters may not share the same safehouse or stash of loot.

  • Players can only hold a Player Group leadership position on one character.



"Shelving" the character is the act of putting a characters story on pause to play another. Players may shelf a character after two weeks of playtime, and may only have 2 characters shelved at a time.



"Slot Cycling" refers to using the same character slot/account for multiple different characters. This is disallowed. 
If you wish to introduce a new character, our staff can "shelf" the account, allowing you to make a new one.
To create a new character, please open a [NEED HELP?] and create a new account specifically for the new character.



Text chat must be in English or a generally understandable language. We have a language selection mod that limits comprehension to those who speak the same language. Using slang or recognizable foreign words is acceptable. When speaking without a language book, ensure your accent is clear and legible.



Our chat mod allows you to "learn" a Language that allows you to communicate in the following languages; Afrikaans, ASL, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. We allow players to have a maximum of two languages with adequate backstory justification. Language books may only be requested during Whitelisting or within 2 weeks of character creation only.



Consent and comfort are crucial in our community. Any player can request a Fade-To-Black in a roleplay scene for any reason at any time. Private scenes should be roleplayed privately using the appropriate slash-command.

It is strictly prohibited to engage in "Erotic Roleplay" using the in-game chat system or to roleplay sexual assault and rape. Engaging in such themes will lead to a community ban.



You may have a child on Pandemonium. Items to represent a child or baby are available for player use. To become pregnant, or roleplay having a child or baby, you must open a ⭕[MANAGEMENT ONLY] ticket in #🩹ticket-central to request explicit permission.


Children are a sensitive topic, and can be removed from any scene per request following our RESTRICTED ROLEPLAY rules. While zombie media can include dark themes such as child endangerment or neglect, many people find discomfort in this; as such, children should not be involved in themes such as endangerment or neglect. If you find your character in a dangerous situation, do not add your child into said scene without asking for explicit consent to do so from all involved, player or staff. If the child is already present in the scene, consent must be acquired. This is the responsibility for the guardian of the child to bear in order to keep our community safe and comfortable for all. Asking can be as simple as "Hey, can I bring my child in?" Rest assured, children will not;

  • Be harmed by any player or event director directly, i.e, a gun will not be pointed at them, a creature will not attack a child.

  • Be involved in raids or thefts.

  • Act as plot armor. Your character can meet harm, and death, but your child cannot; abusing said rules to ensure your characters safety or innocence is explicitly disallowed.

  • Be mentioned as leverage in faction-conflicts. Given that children cannot be harmed; no faction-conflict will result in the harm of your child.

In addition to the following, you, as the child's guardian, dictate what you are comfortable with. No one can do the following without your explicit consent;

  • Harm your child

  • Take your child

  • Keep your child from you

  • Interact with your child.

In addition, your child is not considered to be present in a scene until you, the guardian, place them in to a scene. Children may be in your inventory, or placed down, but may not be interacted with without your consent. If a child is described as being in a scene that you do not wish for them to be in, you may remove them, ICly, or OOCly— that is your right.

In the event that your character is CK’d, you may transfer primary guardianship of the child to another character, or quietly dismiss the child’s place in the narrative. Consent must be acquired to transfer ownership, and further consent rulings once transferred will defer to the new guardian of the child. Please open a Management ticket if this occurs.



Negligence CK:

A player character can be killed by a DM without prior reasoning if they engage in actions that would logically result in their death, such as running into a horde or sacrificing themselves.

Mechanical Death:

Dying due to game mechanics can be roleplayed as character death, but it is optional. Typically, players respawn and retrieve their items by locating their previous body (not part of the in-character canon). In monitored situations by a DM, they may add IC consequences such as severe injuries to enhance the roleplay experience.



Avoid disrupting ongoing scenes with intrusive or interruptive character actions. Ensure you have explicit consent before introducing out-of-place disruptions.



Our #🌐ic-events-and-rumors channel houses the newest-and-boldest within our server. While the content in the channel is most often curated by our @[STAFF], players may also submit In-Character content such as event details, rumors, propaganda, and more! Please open a [NEED HELP?] ticket to have your IC content posted. Ensure you're following the below guidelines.

  • Poster Media must be on an 8.5"x11" sheet and include alt-text.

  • Player actions that would be seen or heard by a large amount of people, either from up-close or afar may also be posted with associated locations.

  • #🌐ic-events-and-rumors may not be retaliatory in nature. Once something is posted, responses should be kept in-game, in-character. Retaliatory actions may be alluded to in a post that describes player actions in the manner above.



The world of Pandemonium is a dangerous place. Player-Characters will be burned, shot at, bitten, and stabbed. Some of these injuries are easier to deal with than others. In the old world, some wounds would present a minor inconvenience. In the new, some prevent life-threatening complications.

Players are expected to maintain a realistic approach to their injuries. Certain circumstances will result in a particular level of wound applied to your character (PvP Consequence, ED-Discretion, Voluntary injury). And are to be roleplayed as such. To read our full guideline to Wounds, "Down and Out", and how to roleplay your wounds, click here.



Avoid excess loot hoarding whenever you are out scavenging. Our server currently supports item-respawns, however hoarding and the nature of hoarding can have negative affects on the multiplayer economy and overall feel of the server. Hoarding is a general term for whenever a player or group of players have an excess of loot, properties or vehicles with no intention of using said loot to participate in the multiplayer economy. We do not define hoarding strictly as it is a problem that must be taken in context. As long as you are using as much as you are scavenging and don't have an excess of vehicles allowed to a player, staff will not hit you for hoarding. Those found to be hoarding are liable to have their loot redistributed across the map at staff discretion.



Players are expected to not roleplay the traits or professions that can be picked in the Project Zomboid character creator. We believe these mechanical facets of our server to be non-conducive to roleplay, and as such, may not be represented in roleplay. Characters should only be defined and portrayed according to their Pandemonium Dice System PROFESSION and SKILLS.



Animal Tiles can produce a monthly (real life month) yield of admin-spawned items. These items are determined based on the animal tile. To request your monthly yield, open a [NEED HELP?] ticket. Players may only submit a ticket for their yield once per month. This refreshes on the 1st of every month. Specify where you want the yield to be dropped with coordinates using /coords, (ideally, in a container), and a Game Admin will make a note of when you received your monthly yield and deliver the goods. The following are the monthly rates for Animal Products. Some of these are considered either/or, please give the Game Admin advising your ticket a list of exactly what you want.

Pigs - 6 `Compost` 
Sheep - 4 `Yarn` | 4 `Thread` | 4 `Twine`
Goat - 2 `Milk` | 2 `Milk` equals 3 `Cheese` items
Rabbit - 1 `Yarn` | 1 `Thread` | 1 `Twine`
Cat - 2 `Dead Rat` | 1 `Small Bird`

Additional Addendums:

  • Currently, we are using the Animal Husbandry Mod to give materials for Cows and Chickens. The resources this mod gives are not moderated by Staff. If this changes, the rate will be as follows;

    There are diminishing returns on Cows, and Chickens. For every animal after the first, the yield is 50% less.

    Cow - 8 `Milk`  | 2 `Milk` equals 3 `Cheese` items
    Chicken - 2 Dozen Eggs

  • Milk-Giving animals do not need calves or kids to produce Milk.

  • No Animal Breeding.

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