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There are three radio towers spread throughout Knox County, far off from the trouble and toil of those still living. While inconvenient in location, these radio towers are immensely valuable in their purpose.. To push information to the people of Knox, and beyond.


Radio towers are custom-built structures and are not marked on our map. They are marked with an Admin Exclaim (!) that denotes its purpose as a Radio Tower. Only our designated POI Radio Towers are valid as Two-Way communication stations.


Radio Towers have a use-radius which encompasses all of Knox County and beyond. This means, any and all broadcasts are pushed to not only Knox, but surrounding areas. In addition, Radio Towers are the only buildings that are allowed to be safehoused regardless if it is in a Haven or not. 

Only one person can be considered the "representative" of the Radio Tower. This person is granted a special role that allows them to communicate in their towers Discord channel, and in #faction-liasion.


Radio Towers have the ability to push broadcasts out of game, through our Discord. This may be done once a day, and there are no restrictions on the subject of the content (as long as said content follows pre-existing rules on content, i.e, our Restricted Roleplay rules.) The following restrictions on channel usage apply:

  • The channel is on a slowmode of 24 hours; posts may be made once a day.

  • Posts may be a maximum of ~500 words.

Image media may not be attached to any post.

In addition, as an owner of Radio Tower, you gain access to #faction-liasion to discuss and coordinate plans with Faction Leadership and other factions.


As an owner of a Radio Tower, you control what is broadcasted to the server You hold a level of control over the layer-narrative. Consider RP-ing the following; charging for advertisements for events, charging for information to be transmitted, refusing to transmit certain messages, doing interviews with other players about IC events, etc.

If you need further ideas or help generating content, please open a [NEED HELP?] ticket to discuss, or discuss use amongst Faction Leaders in #faction-liasion.

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