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In a collaborative roleplay setting, conflict is required to push a narrative between characters. Whether this conflict is as simple as an on-the-go robbery, or the assassination of a loved one, its important that certain guidelines are followed for the overall narrative to flow as smoothly as possible.


Raiding involves attacking or destroying a player's safehouse, faction, or player hub. A raid can have a maximum of 20 players, with no single combat consisting of more than 10 people according to Squad rules.
To conduct a raid, it must be approved by an available admin through a ticket. An uninvolved staff member will oversee the raid to ensure proper roleplay.

Before the raid, a 30-minute timer will be announced to the defending group via faction discord or relevant player notifications. This timer is OOC and allows defending characters to log in and prepare.
When a raid declaration is made, all participants from the attacking party must be present at the attacking base. They cannot initiate a raid while nearby or stationed at an ally's base.

Both attacking and defending players must be present at the start of combat or wait until its conclusion or a designated opportunity to reinforce.


Raiding is the act of attacking or destroying a non-player structure. Raids on NPC structure must be pitched, and approved, via a [REQUEST AN EVENT] ticket. This is to ensure that the narrative flow of our Book-wide plot is maintained;


Additional supplies may be required to complete the task pitched. Coordinate with the Event Director that claims your ticket to complete this!


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