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Pandemonium [Project Zomboid RP] is a passion project shared between tens of people, between our Management, Game Admins, Event Directors, Techno Wizards, and Lore Team. Everyday we strive to do our best to create a safe, story-rich, immersive community for you to enjoy.

Please know that we cannot cover all edge cases within our rules. Just as it is our responsibility as [STAFF] to keep this community safe, it is your responsibility to aid us in doing so. It is your responsibility to be updated on our rules, and to follow them.

therackisback, mrwalnut, meatwud, chaoskillerx7, and juicebox_0017

Rules to follow in our Discord server, Pandemonium [Project Zomboid RP]

Rules to follow on our Project Zomboid server.

Construction rules to follow on our server.

Guidelines on how to create a character to fit our world.

Rules to follow while roleplaying a character on our server.

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