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In a collaborative roleplay setting, conflict is required to push a narrative between characters. Whether this conflict is as simple as an on-the-go robbery, or the assassination of a loved one, its important that certain guidelines are followed for the overall narrative to flow as smoothly as possible.

Outlined here are our "Tiers of Conflict" to help guide your narratives.


Theft involves stealing from a player's safehouse or faction. If the target's location is safehoused, or reasonably attached to the safehouse or faction base a theft request must be submitted via a [NEED HELP] ticket. This also applies to faction bases, including secured regions within and around the base. When unsure, it's recommended to ask through a ticket.

Full and high-quality roleplay is expected for all aspects of the theft, including searching and the actual act. If actions are loud or carried out in highly visible areas, use the /melong command. If unsure about whether a place is safehoused  or not please open a ticket for clarification.
Theft can take place while the ‘target’ is offline. The only requirement is appropriate staff supervision. 


To begin, the thieving player(s) must open a ticket and wait for admin supervision. Once an admin is available, the thieving player(s) will roll and document a Deft roll via screenshot in the ticket. This will be used by the overseeing admin to determine how many Player Exclaims are left detailing information regarding the theft itself.



The exclaims are placed down and written by the overseeing staff member after the theft occurs. The details of the exclaim will be pertinent to the theft, I.E - if there's missing items, it could be a note regarding damaged packaging, scuffled items, broken locks, etc. There could also be other evidence of intrusion such as scuffs, marks, or tracked mud in unusual places.

Each thief involved in a theft ticket must roll individually, but the roll will be averaged out if more than one thief is present.


Some safehouses may have things such as keypads or barricaded doors. To bypass this, the thieving party must provide appropriate RP and roll the appropriate skill (DC12). Failure to succeed on this roll will result in an additional exclaim being placed at the door, noting that someone has tried to bypass the security measure.

Three failed skill checks will ping the faction, or safehouse owner, in the #[faction]-lfrp or a ticket respectively.

Emotes for thefts are required to be done in /low, /dolow, or /melow. "Defending" players are allowed to make a Sharp Check versus the aggressors Deft. If the Defending player rolls Sharp, the thief(s) must reroll Deft (this roll does not average out!) If the Defending player(s) succeed, they are allowed to investigate the area where the emote has been dropped, on a failure, the theft goes unnoticed. 


The maximum amount of stolen spoils may be equivalent to whichever is reached more of: 10 items or 20 units of weight. With staff discretion, we may apply a cooldown to frequently-acting thieves. Vehicles may not be used to carry goods during a theft.


Vehicles within Safehouse bounds may be stolen in addition to whatever is on your person. Security Obstacles restricting the usage of a car require a roll of the appropriate skill (DC12). A Player Exclaim will be placed at the location of the missing vehicle. Vehicles may not be used to carry additional goods during a theft.

On their own, Unclaimed Vehicles may be stolen if they are outside of safehouse bounds. Claimed Vehicles may only be stolen, inside, or outside of Safehouse bounds with a ticket, and following the above ruling.

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