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The #🌎ic-map is a channel on the Pandemonium Project Zomboid RP Discord that highlights the ranges of our Havens, the factions within them, and more per-player request.

To put yourself on the #🌎ic-map, please read the following rules on this website, and open a [NEED HELP?] ticket with the following information,

Name of Point-Of-Interest:

POI Location: [Ex. Riverside, Louisville, etc.]

Coordinates of the POI: 

Who Should be @'d for RP?:

To Remain on the #ic-map, you MUST hold a World Event per Month. What ideas do you have for how your POI can engage with the server?


Our #🌎ic-map is a channel within our Discord that advertises the map of the current Book and our players; our Coalitions (Tier 3), Factions (Tier 2), Cohorts (Tier 1) and independent players.


Coalitions, Factions, and their associated Havens are automatically placed on the #🌎ic-map , but Cohorts and independent players can be as well!


To be placed on the #🌎ic-map, a Cohort or Independent player with a Point-Of-Interest (player-ran areas of the map that can generate RP such as radio towers, shops, restaurants, and more!) must host 1 world-event a month. This is an event that is advertised in #ic-events-and-rumors, that the whole server can attend, and if needed, Pandemonium staff can aid in helping the Cohort or Independent player host!


All Coalitions and Factions must host 1 world event a month in order to keep up their status as a Coalition or Faction, while Cohorts and Independent players will need to do the same in order to upkeep their position on the #🌎ic-map.

Note: If you, or your Faction are unable to host a World Event during the current calendar month, please open a [MANAGEMENT ONLY] ticket to discuss alternatives. While this is a requirement, we are wiling to work with you to ensure that gameplay does not encroach on real life responsibilities.


Pandemonium staff want to support Player Groups and Independent players with their monthly world event. While this support varies on a case-by-case basis, Staff can offer those who run events support such as; ideas on running an event, posters to advertise their events, a portion of admin-spawned items to reduce OOC load, or staff-help in running dice combat or spawning hordes. To discuss your monthly world event, open up a Request an Event ticket and ask for @therackisback !

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