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The world of Pandemonium is a dangerous place. Player-Characters will be burned, shot at, bitten, and stabbed. Some of these injuries are easier to deal with than others. In the old world, some wounds would present a minor inconvenience. In the new, some prevent life-threatening complications.

Players are expected to maintain a realistic approach to their injuries. Certain circumstances will result in a particular level of wound applied to your character (PvP Consequence, ED-Discretion, Voluntary injury). And are to be roleplayed as such;




[Down & Out]

Fractures, moderate burns, puncturing a lung; all wounds that you can recover from, but that take time. 

Moderate Wounds are applied when dropping to 0/5 HP in combat. When dropped to 0/5 HP, you are unable to continue fighting in the ongoing encounter. Moderate Wounds have an OOC Down & Out timer of 24 hours.



[Down & Out]

Limb loss. 2nd/3rd degree burns covering 20% of the body. Any disabling injuries. Applied as a potential Consequence from PvP, or by ED discretion during an event. Severe wounds have an OOC Down & Out timer of 72 hours. Players can acquire a maximum of 3 Severe Wounds, before the following Severe Wound is a CK.


[Character Kill]

Severe brain trauma, blood loss, burns covering 50%+ of the body. Other disabling injuries. Applied as a potential Consequence from PvP (Character Kill), or by ED discretion during an event.


Each character on Pandemonium will get "three strikes", AKA, three Severe Wounds before your character will die. Severe Wounds can be applied one of four ways; going down to 0/5 HP with a Moderate Wound, as a consequences of losing a PvP encounter, through "Mini-Boss" stat sheets, and through events marked with a Severe Wound risk.


The nature of a Severe Wound should be determined between the player or Event Director applying the Severe Wound, and the player receiving it. No Severe Wound should be disabling without direct consent. Regardless of what the Wound is described as, it will still count as 1 "Strike" to your Severe Wound counter.

To implement a Severe Wound on a player, a ticket proving that the player has been knocked to 0/5 HP in PvP combat must be submitted via a [NEED HELP?] ticket in ticket-central.


Staff are responsible for keeping track of your Severe Wound counter, and you may ticket at any point to see how many Severe Wounds your character has. You may not ticket to see what another players counter is at.

Severe Wounds applied during PvP or an event may be contested if you feel the Wound was applied unfairly. Tickets to contest Severe Wounds should be submitted via a [MANAGEMENT ONLY] ticket within seven days of the application of the Severe Wound.



While suffering a Moderate or Severe wound, you are considered Down & Out. Down & Out players start initiative with 2/5 HP and cannot exceed 2 HP until the "Down & Out period has ended. Players are expected to self-moderate this. For PvP, please take screenshots of any situation where Moderate or Severe wounds may be applied with an appropriate timestamp for administrative purposes. Moderate wounds have an OOC Down & Out timer of 24 hours. Severe wounds have an OOC Down & Out timer of 72 hours.



Wounds are a consequence, and a natural part of our dangerous world. Regardless of the wound, they must be properly portrayed.

Severe wounds are permanently debilitating and cannot fully be recovered from.

“Self-inflicted” or “Voluntary” wounds must be roleplayed as well, including taking the appropriate level of Wound, and maintaining the Down & Out period.

If you are Moderately Wounded, and reach 0/5 HP in another encounter; you will receive a Severe Wound. If a character is Severely Wounded and receives another Severe Wound, your OOC timer will reset.

Exceptions to Moderate & Severe wounds are provided for some events, due to the nature of their limited availability and scheduling. If you are unsure if your Moderate or Severe Wound timer should be considered for an event, please reach out to Staff via a [NEED HELP?] ticket.

Failure to properly portray injuries when Down & Out is considered power gaming and may lead to administrative punishment. Additionally, overexaggerating the severity of a Wound against the Moderate and Severe Wound guidelines is against our rules, and may result in the details of your Wound being retconned, or upgraded to the next tier of Wound.

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