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To fully enjoy our server, you must create a character that fits into our world.

[BOOK 4] takes place in 2024, 25 years after the end of the world. You are a New-Knox County native.

For questions on Character Creation, open a [LORE QUESTIONS] ticket. For concerns about a Character on our server, open a [NEED HELP?] ticket.



All character concepts must be reviewed by our staff before existing in-game. To whitelist, visit the #whitelist or #character-whitelists channel under WHITELISTS in our Discord, and provide us with the following information;

Character's Name

Age of Character

Character's Dice Profession

Character's Backstory

Character's Languages


Characters must be written to a period-appropriate standard.

Players must bear in mind the current year of our setting, 2024, 25 years after the apocalypse, and - within reason - the technology and culture of the era. This means no references to smart-phones, to recent ( IRL ) internet culture or events, et cetera. 

This does not invite you to violate the rules of the server to say, express, or explore themes that we do not entertain on the server, for example racism, homophobia, etc. These topics existed and were discussed then as they are now, but Pandemonium is not the platform to engage with them.

Use your common sense; if you would be warned for saying it out of character, don't write it into your character.



A player-character should be three-dimensional; their writing should not over-emphasize or fixate on any one particular element of their ethnicity, culture, or background to the detriment of the whole.

In addition, characters must be original. You may be inspired by a character, but you may not play 1-to-1 copies. 



Declaring yourself as being "Out-of-Character" (OOC) is disallowed unless instructed by a [STAFF] member.



Characters must have a reason to exist within our setting.

There must be a plausible explanation for the existence and presence of this character in the setting. The secret word is "Gotcha!" The exact nature of this rule will vary from point to point, but the characters you play must be plausible for the place and time. 



All characters are expected to be portrayed on a player-level with compassion and accuracy.

Please be mindful and avoid playing to stereotypes, especially when writing characters with mental illness, or of a different ethnicity, nationality, or gender expression than your own. We encourage players to research their concepts and to learn more about the character they wish to play. You are not expected to have an exact knowledge of the elements you wish to portray, but you are expected to treat them with the basic courtesy of a little research.



Our chat mod allows you to "learn" a Language that allows you to communicate in the following languages; Afrikaans, ASL, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. 

We allow players to have a maximum of two languages with adequate backstory justification. Language books may only be requested during Whitelisting or within 2 weeks of character creation only.

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